3D Filament - 1.75mm PETG - Black - 1Kg
  • 3D Filament - 1.75mm PETG - Black - 1Kg

3D Filament - 1.75mm PETG - Black - 1Kg

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Our 1.75mm PETG filament is a filament made in Spain for
3D printers with FFF/FDM technology.

PETG is polyethylene terephthalate, with a modifier (Glycol-modified), which makes a change in the chemical structure that makes it more transparent, less brittle and easy to clean.

Our PETG improves on ABS in being resistant and easier to print with the
peculiarity of melting at a higher temperature. Compared to PLA, it is more resistant in
temperature and physical properties, being its most complex impression.

PETG is characterized by having very good mechanical properties. Has
more elasticity, is more resistant to impacts, has more adhesion between layers and is more resistant to temperature compared to PLA.

-Diameter of 1.75mm.
-Coil of 1000 grams.

General printing parameters:
-Nozzle temperature (between 240ºC and 260ºC)
-Litter temperature (between 70ºC and 100ºC)
Physical properties:
-Intrinsic viscosity: 0.84 ± 0.02 dl/g (ISO 1628-5)
-Color b*: ≤ 1 (ASTM D6290)
-Color L*: ≥ 64 (ASTM D6290)
-Glass transition temperature: 8º C (ºASTM D3418)
-Bulk density: 0.72 g/cm3
-Specific density 1.23 g/cm3
-Humidity: ≤0.3%
-Particle size: 320 ± 50mg/20 chips
-Pellet shape: Cylindrical