Arduino Compatible Thumb Joystick DUAL Module
  • Arduino Compatible Thumb Joystick DUAL Module

Arduino Compatible Thumb Joystick DUAL Module

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Module with two joysticks - shield for Aruino UNO R3.

Overlay, shield with two joysticks for Arduino UNO R3. The overlay has 2 analog potentiometric joysticks with buttons. The joystick potentiometers are connected to analog outputs A0 - A3. To read the position of the joysticks, use the analog-digital converters in the microcontroller located on the Arduino UNO board. The signal at the outputs is proportional to the joystick deflection. The joystick switches are connected to digital outputs D4 and D5. The buttons are activated by pressing the joystick knob, which will cause a low state to appear on the appropriate output (D4 or D5). The overlay is powered by 5V. The presence of power is indicated by the lighting of the LED located on the overlay PCB. The shield does not block some unused Arduino UNO pins, they are located on the PCB.
Features of the overlay with two joysticks.

     both joysticks are potentiometric and have a monostable switch
     presence of power signaled by LED diode
     has a pin for connecting a Bluetooth module
     does not block unused Arduino UNO pins

Technical Specifications.

     power supply: 5V
     number of joysticks: 2
     type of joysticks: potentiometric
     PCB dimension: 65*54mm