Book 'Magnetic Loop Antennas' (English) - Version V
  • Book 'Magnetic Loop Antennas' (English) - Version V

Book 'Magnetic Loop Antennas' (English) - Version V

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The book Magnetic Loop Antenna with the subtitle Slightly Different Each Time, was firstly published in Czech language in January 2015. The writing style of the book is a good example of an effective teamwork between academic theory and practice, where both of the authors examine the subject from their own points of view.

Ing. Marek Dvorský, Ph.D., assistant professor at VŠB – TU Ostrava, has been focusing since a number of years on antenna design. Oldrich Burger, a former Army SigComm specialist with a HAM license since 1967 and a shareholder of the company BTV, is busy in the field of telecommunications. Marek’s work inspired him. Since then he has been engaged in MLA development for commercial purposes. The result of his enthusiastic work are several unique types of MLA.

The first chapter of this book deals with a theoretical description of the MLA (including an MLA calculation example). The second part describes several types of unique MLAs. The third chapter is devoted to the independent evaluation of MLAs by HAM (radio operators who had the opportunity to use MLAs from BTV production). The last chapter provides a reprint of the in-house technical MLA documentation produced by BTV.

Finally, and with great pleasure, we would like to say thank you to Jirí Polívka and Dewayne Holden for translation and proofreading. Last but not the least we express gratitude to our families for continuously supporting us all the way from the beginning to the completion of this book.

Oldrich Burger and Marek Dvorský