1 - Conditions
By accessing and make purchases in the Online Store INFORBATISTA, the User / Customer acknowledges and accepts without reservation the following conditions of access and use:

1.1 - Definitions
By Online Store, below designated as Store means of Online Commerce website for the supply of computer equipment and supplies, stationery, stationery and other items available on the web http://www.inforbatista.pt address by INFORBATISTA, Ltd. based in Pine Street, Lot 71 Subdivision of the Sands - Appeal.

Per User / Customer, below designated as Customer, means one who, prior and must be so specified, through the registration process available on the Store, concludes a process of Order / Purchase. Per User / Non-Customer, below designated as User means any visitor Store that are not present registered in order to make as Customer Orders, has however, the possibility to browse the Gift Shop, indicate products to one or more friends and, if desired, subscribe to our newsletter Shop. By Order / Purchase, below designated as Order means the process that, after its completion, leads to the established legal transaction between the shop and the customer, and to this end, to be followed strictly the 4 necessary and required steps for can be considered successfully performed Order:

     Step 1 - Adding items to the shopping cart;
     Step 2 - Confirmation of Billing Address;
     Step 3 - Submission of Order.

By Catalog / Products, below designated as catalog means exposure on the Website of articles or products available for sale, in the form of listing, or individual, with or without picture and description, and may have features or options likely to choose by the Customer. Newsletter by means sending Direct Mail (aka direct mail) information about news, promotions or other information deemed relevant in the relationship of the Lodge of Users with the same, and, necessarily, to be an acceptance or subscription expressed by Customer or user so that they can be included in the subscription list for sending the Newsletter.

1.2 - Shop Basics
The Shop, an integral part of the Website www.inforbatista.pt and applies to the supply of computer equipment and supplies, stationery, stationery and other available objects to Internet users who want it do your shopping, benefiting from the conditions exceptional inherent in the Online Retail, including the ability to receive orders at their home or elsewhere to indicate for this purpose, payable in advance or on delivery of the item or items ordered.

1.3 - Content and information available on the Store
The information and content available to users of the Lodge, including text, images and other visual elements are our exclusive property, excluding the content, images and information available by suppliers or advertisers to INFORBATISTA for the purpose of exhibition or demonstration, which are owned and the sole responsibility of its parent brand, being placed in the shop just for easy identification Product / Article ordering.
The INFORBATISTA reserves the right to alter without notice the Terms and Conditions or other regulations published in the Store. Therefore, you should regularly consult the Terms and Conditions or other regulations, since even the continued use of Store implies acceptance without reservation of the changes made to them and being subject to the latest rules.

1.4 - Customer Registration
To buy at our store, you must be registered. Registration means filling, once, a form with your personal data, choosing the time a password (password), which will remain strictly confidential.
For more information about the processing of these data, see our Privacy Policy.
As a registered user, you can make purchases as well as consult the history of your orders and the state of each.

2 - Responsibilities

2.1 - Customer Responsibilities
It is the user's duty shop act in good faith in the various actions that can run from the Lodge, respecting all applicable laws, in particular with regard to the Civil and Commercial Law, Author's Rights Code and Related Rights Code Industrial Property and the Computer Crime Law. You are responsible for making decisions with regard to the Order / Purchase act based on the information available at the Shop.
The Customer register choose your password, you can change whenever necessary, being fully responsible for preserving it safely and use. The misuse of it is the sole responsibility of Customer.
You, in taking the decision to initiate a Ordering Process of one or more items available on the site, recognize that you are solely responsible for the triggered buying shares but however always possible their cancellation or modification of data, using the contact details to customer disposal, provided that it is recorded and the conditions laid down in Shipping and Returns.
Notwithstanding the procedures of the Order process, administration Store reserves the right to telephone confirmation of Order, at the telephone numbers provided by the Customer.
The registration and identification, as well as in the management of Client Area, you acknowledge being responsible for the creation, modification and maintenance of its identification including password or other security mechanisms.
The User or Customer undertakes to respect the terms of use and take responsibility for damages arising from breach of the conditions contained herein.

2.2 - Store Responsibilities
The Shop is not responsible for any delay, suspension or interruption in the supply of products / articles caused by problems beyond their responsibility, in particular by lack of supply or continuity of the product by the manufacturer, changing supply conditions or characteristics of the products / articles that are not INFORBATISTA production.
The Store may deny access to any User or Customer, without notice, if it considers that the use in question violates somehow the conditions of use of the website, are the Commercial character are usually taken as the bona fide, the use of the Lodge.
Denial of access can be done by Customer or User lock, denying him access to the possibility of carrying out orders, or, in justified cases, through the user's IP access lock, thus unable to access any area the website INFORBATISTA.