Adjustable voltage protector - SVP916
  • Adjustable voltage protector - SVP916
  • Adjustable voltage protector - SVP916

Adjustable voltage protector - SVP916



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Easy to install and use, very convenient. Made of high quality material, solid, durable, high hardness, wear resistance, high precision and high pressure resistance, long service life.

Adjustable range which overvoltage value range 221V-300V, and undervoltage value range 219V-150V, overcurrent value 1-80A.

It will automatically turn on the power supply when the circuit voltage and current return to normal. It will cut off the power when the circuit has overvoltage, undervoltage or overcurrent, efficiently protecting your home appliances.

Dual LED shows actual voltage and current values, can also be used as a voltmeter and ammeter, easy and clear to read.

Adjustable Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protector, SVP-916 80A Surge Protection Limit Current Limit Dual Display Surge Protector Automatic Adjustable Voltage Relay