Analog Micrometer 0...25mm (Accuracy 0.01mm)
  • Analog Micrometer 0...25mm (Accuracy 0.01mm)

Analog Micrometer 0...25mm (Accuracy 0.01mm)

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-Metal micrometer for very precise measurement.
-Allows measurement up to 25mm, with an accuracy of 0.01mm.
-Printed rule with measurements in decimal metric system (millimeters).
-Presented in a case.

Its operation is based on the chord of a screw, a screw of very exact dimensions. When a bolt rotates within a fixed nut, it produces a linear motion that depends on the pitch of the bolt. This screw is inside the micrometer and its linear advance can be measured by the graduations of the main scale and the thimble or drum. The outside micrometer has a very thick and strong arc with heat insulation protection to avoid variations in measurements and also has a stop ratchet that prevents user errors, with its use only the force necessary to perform the measurement is used.

1 x Analog 25mm micrometer, precision 0.01mm
1 x Plastic protection box