Pokit Meter (white)
  • Pokit Meter (white)
  • Pokit Meter (white)
  • Pokit Meter (white)
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Pokit Meter (white)

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Pokit Meter (white) Integrated Multimeter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Logger


Pokit is the world's smallest Integrated Multimeter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, and logger.

Please note that this is rated to 60v; it is not rated for Mainline 110V testing.  Don't let the magic smoke out!


Measure Anything

Pokit measures, displays and logs a wide range of parameters including voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It also provides a continuity and diode checker. Pokit is intended for low voltage work up to audio frequencies.

Pokit is a full-featured Multimeter that accurately measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and ambient temperature. It also includes a continuity and diode checker. Measurements are displayed directly on your smartphone in real-time. Simply touch to select a measurement mode.

True RMS measurement


Voltage: 10mV to 60V DC, 42V AC (RMS), +-1%

Voltage with optional HV probes: to 240V DC

Current: 1mA to 2Amax, +-1%

Resistance: 1 to 1M Ohm, +-5%

Ambient temperature: 1 to 60° C,+-1° C

Continuity and Diode polarity checker


Pokit DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) captures detailed voltage and current waveforms for display on your smartphone. It also allows you to operate on the frequency domain using FFT, and use it as a spectrum analyzer. Simply pinch and drag to set the acquisition voltage scale and time base, and touch to select a trigger mode.

Captured waveforms are displayed in stunning detail. Pinch and drag to zoom and pan. Longpress on the graph to set cursors and trace your signals.

1MSamples/sec, 14-bit sampling

Voltage: 10mV to 60V DC, 42V AC (RMS), +-1%

Current: 1mA to 2Amax, +-1%

10ms to 10s acquisition window

Auto trigger or adjustable rising/falling trigger level


Pokit functions as a stand-alone data logger that logs temperature, voltage or current waveforms for periods up to 6 months without connection to a phone. Waveforms can be uploaded to your phone for display.

14-bit sampling

Voltage: 10mV to 60V DC, 42V AC (RMS), +-1%

Current: 1mA to 2Amax, +-1%

1 to 8000 points memory

Up to 6 months logging


Measure Anywhere

Pokit fits on your keychain! With leads that retract at the press of a button, Pokit is convenient and small enough to take anywhere!


Measure with Ease

Pokit connects wirelessly to your smartphone and app. It's amazingly easy to use. Simply touch to change modes and settings, and pinch and drag to pan and zoom waveforms. After using Pokit you'll wonder why all tools weren't designed this way!



Transform your mobile phone into an awesome tool.

The Pokit App is available for Android and iPhone.

High-resolution data display

Touch to select modes and settings

Pinch and drag to zoom and pan waveforms

Monitor connectivity and battery status

State-of-the-art electronics in an innovative design


Get the Android Version here:


Get the Apple Version here:




Hardware features include...

Highly miniaturized electronics

Wireless phone connectivity

Powered by a replaceable Lithium cell

Ultra-low-power with a long battery life

Super handy retractable leads



What's in the BOX

1 x Zip Lock Pouch

1 x Pokit Meter

2 x Detachable Wire Clips

1 x Battery

2 x 2A Fuses