Precision barometric sensor BMP280
  • Precision barometric sensor BMP280

Precision barometric sensor BMP280

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Precision barometric sensor based on the Bosch BMP280, which is the evolution of the well-known BMP085 and BMP180, being the best solution to measure barometric pressure and temperature with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi board.

Unlike the BMP085 and BMP180, it supports both I2C and SPI connection (perfect to avoid conflicts with directions) and also substantially improves precision, being ± 1 hPa in pressure and 1ºC in temperature.

In addition, since pressure varies with altitude, it can also be used as an altimeter (with an accuracy of 1m).


Model: GY-BMP280-3.3.
Chip: BMP280.
Supply voltage: 3.3v.
Communication method: standard i2c / spi communication protocol.
Air pressure range: 300-1100hPa.
Pin pitch: 2.54mm.
Size: 11.5mm x 15mm