SOLDEER 60/40 1 mm 250g - CYNEL
  • SOLDEER 60/40 1 mm 250g - CYNEL

SOLDEER 60/40 1 mm 250g - CYNEL

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Premium quality solder wire S-Sn60Pb40 manufactured in the first fusion of tin and lead according to EN 29453: 2000 in the continuous casting process in an airless environment; It is then extruded to eliminate the occurrence of rust.

Manufacturer CYNEL
Type of metal contributed for soft soldering
Sn60Pb40 alloy composition
Thread shape
Diameter 1mm
Weight 0.25kg
Flux Type Halides, Rosin, F-SW26, No Clean
Flux content 2.5%
Type of coil packaging
Melting temperature 190 ° C
Kind of solder lead
Number of flux roots 3 cores