Ham Radio Guide 2022 (English)
  • Ham Radio Guide 2022 (English)
  • Ham Radio Guide 2022 (English)
  • Ham Radio Guide 2022 (English)

Ham Radio Guide 2022 (English)

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Ingenious collection of important data for every radio amateur

Prefix lists
Band plans
CEPT licence agreements
and much more

The HamRadioGuide 2022 is a very lovingly and carefully compiled collection of useful information for SWLs and radio amateurs. The DIN A4 sized book contains prefix maps, some of them in large format to fold out. In addition, there are updated country lists, prefix lists, band plans of the IARU regions 1, 2 and 3, an overview of the national amateur radio organisations and much more information that can be used on a daily basis.

The "Guide" is printed in colour on strong, laminated cardboard. This makes this book ideal for travelling, it will survive daily use without showing signs of wear.

Ham Radio Guide 2022 - a must for every active radio amateur!