List of products by brand HAM-WAY

Given the constant evolution of the market, SIRIO Antenne, SRL creates the HAM-WAY® brand to satisfy the demand of specialized and professional businesses.

All products marketed under the SIRIO Antenne® brand are designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy. The HAM-WAY® brand identifies those products not manufactured in Italy by SIRIO Antenne, SRL and imported from other parts.

With the range of SIRIO Antenne and HAM-WAY products, we aim to be a better interlocutor through which our clients and collaborators can find a wide range of antennas and accessories related to telecommunications.

Values ​​such as experience, innovation and the constant search for better solutions have always identified SIRIO Antenne® products, the same policy and philosophy is applied to the selection and creation of HAM-WAY® accessories, this allows us to offer a better catalog of products for every need.

HAM-WAY® is a trademark owned by SIRIO Antenne SRL

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