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Thermoconductive glue (1W/mK) - white - 10g - AG TermoPasty ART.AGT-11
  • Thermoconductive glue (1W/mK) - white - 10g - AG TermoPasty ART.AGT-11

Thermoconductive glue (1W/mK) - white - 10g - AG TermoPasty ART.AGT-116



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Looking for a reliable solution to fix heatsinks in places with high heat dissipation? AG TermoGlue is an innovative product that combines excellent heat conduction properties with an incomparable bonding capacity, guaranteeing the durability of each connection. With its versatile applications, you can effectively and safely improve your equipment.

- Exceptional gluing capacity with AG TermoGlue

Thermoconductive glue was created to guarantee high quality connections, even in the most difficult conditions. Its white formula not only offers excellent heat conduction, but also creates a reliable barrier against solvents. This means you can be sure that the glued parts will remain intact for a long time.

- Security and performance

Security is a fundamental element of any project, and this product offers just that. It is the perfect solution for joining and filling gaps between heating elements, while maintaining the maximum application thickness of up to 6 mm. Furthermore, this reliable Thermoconductive glue guarantees a long service life, thanks to its high resistance and ability to withstand temperatures between -50°C and up to 200°C. However, remember that it should dry completely within 24 hours, but depending on the thickness applied, it could take up to 2 days.

- Versatile applications of AG TermoGlue

Whether you plan to attach heatsinks to bridges, transistors, memory modules or anywhere else, AG TermoGlue is the ideal choice. Its wide range of applications makes it irreplaceable in various areas of technology, offering not only solid connections but also excellent heat conduction properties.

- Exceptional properties and long service life

With AG TermoGlue, you can be sure that each connection will maintain its properties for a long time. With high dielectric strength and excellent heat conduction parameters, this product guarantees safety and high-level thermal efficiency.


- Adhesive

- Thermal conductivity: 1W/mK

- Operating temperature: 200ºC max.

- Dielectric constant: 3

- Drying time: 2..8min

- Dielectric strength: 20kV/mm

- Tensile strength: 2MPa

- White color

Storage and use:

1. Before application, clean the contact surface.

2. Apply the thinnest possible layer of glue. Do not exceed 6 mm. Product operation

temperature from -50 to 200°C.

3. AG TermoGlue must dry completely after 24 hours. However, depending on the thickness applied, the glue can be set for a maximum of 2 days.

4. Make sure to close the packaging tightly if the product is not used at once.

Avoid contact with eyes. The product is non-toxic. Store it in a cool, dry place for a maximum of 12 months


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