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Digital welding station 30W (130W) - 100-480ºC - ZD-8919
  • Digital welding station 30W (130W) - 100-480ºC - ZD-8919

Digital welding station 30W (130W) - 100-480ºC - ZD-8919



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ZD-8919 Digital Soldering Station Description

The ZD-8919 digital soldering station is the perfect tool for a variety of soldering needs. With its 130W power while heating up and its 60W power while its used, the ZD-8919 heats up quickly and keeps the temperature on a steady level. The temperature range of 160-480 °C makes it versatile and makes it applicable for different soldering projects. It also offers the possibility to change the temperature unit from ° C or ° F. With the rotary selection switch, the temperature can be changed precisely. The solder dispenser, soldering sponge, and metal sponge are convenient accessories, which make it easy to keep the tip clean and the work area tidy. The built-in soldering iron stand further ensures safety and convenience. The ZD-8919 is the perfect choice for users who need a powerful professional soldering station with convenient extras for their workplace.


The ZD-8919 complies with all EU safety standards.


ZD-8919 Digital Soldering Station Features

Fast heat-up time: 400°C are reached in 50 seconds

TÜV certified quality

LED display

Compact design and high build quality

Includes solder dispenser, sponge, and metal wool ball 

Operating voltage: 230V (220-240V), 50 Hz

Soldering iron power: approx. 60W/max. 130W during heat up phase

Temperature range: 160-480°C

Weight: approx. 550g

Dimensions (WxHxL): approx. 120x80x145mm (without solder dispenser)


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