Liquid soap Rose 5L - Mistolin DERMOCARE GELATI BSG-G
  • Liquid soap Rose 5L - Mistolin DERMOCARE GELATI BSG-G
  • Liquid soap Rose 5L - Mistolin DERMOCARE GELATI BSG-G

Liquid soap Rose 5L - Mistolin DERMOCARE GELATI BSG-G

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DERMOCARE GELATI BSG-G SOAP GEL 5LT, is a soap specially developed for hand washing, providing hydration and healthy balance to the skin.


Versatile formula created for specific sensory experiences, with a look and scent suitable for different audiences.

Ideal for use in restaurants, shopping centres, sports facilities, school buildings, other leisure facilities and the like.


     Based on natural surfactants, ensuring excellent cleaning capacity;
     Dermocompatible pH, with emollient properties that provide skin hydration;
     Contains humectant and emollient agents, preventing skin dryness;
     Contains preservative without sensitizing agents, which are the main causes of allergic reactions;
     Formula with lactic acid that reaffirms, fills and smooths the skin, promotes hydration and even has exfoliating properties that attenuate pigmentation promoting skin luminosity;
     Vibrant color and fruity aroma, providing an appealing and energizing image;
     Product manufactured in accordance with the European Regulation for cosmetic products;
     Product registered in the CPNP – European portal for the notification of cosmetic products with the reference CPNP Nº4030017.

How to use:

Apply the product on previously wet hands. Rub very well and rinse. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Dry your hands well to keep your skin healthy.

Dosage: 5L
Appearance: Pearly Pink Viscous Liquid
Fragrance: Fruity
pH 5.0 - 6.0
Density 1.02 g/cm3
Viscosity (cP) 1700-2700