Engine Cleaner 5L - Mistolin ALM-50
  • Engine Cleaner 5L - Mistolin ALM-50

Engine Cleaner 5L - Mistolin ALM-50


Strong degreaser power.

Oppositely to the products of solvent base, this product allows a bigger profitability, due to the possibility of dilution in water.

Presents a pleasant citrus scent.

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Alkaline detergent strongly degreaser, of aqueous base, developed for the cleaning of motors, degreaser of chassis, between others.

Its formula ionic surface active with and agents degreaser it provides an efficient, degreaser penetrating and dissolving the dirtiness with rapidity.

For strong dirtiness, use the product with a dilution 20 and 10%.

Apply the dilute product with a brush, cloth or for spraying.

Rinse well with clean water, of preference with high pressure.


NOTE: in more sensitive surfaces, to test first the resistance to the product.